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Secrets of the Thumbsucking Clinic – 12 Month Mentorship

Online Course

We’re here to help families

Our clinic empowers kids with the right tools and confidence they need to kick their thumb sucking habit.


We empower parents with the right information, take away their worry about their child’s habit, and provide a manageable plan for their child’s growth and development.

Thumb and finger sucking isn’t always just a cute little habit. It can cause issues with jaw and facial development, teeth positioning and function of the muscles. It can impact a child’s posture, the growth of their airways and breathing. It can increase the need for future orthodontic treatment, and exacerbates problems with chewing and feeding behaviours and speech development.

The Team

Our approach is the only one of its
kind in the world.

At the Thumb Sucking Clinic, we take a unique approach to a common habit. We apply exhaustive research, proven facts and science, and combine them with the psychology, development, health and wellbeing of your child, to create a personalised treatment plan to suit their individual needs, no matter their age.

Our hands-on approach is fun and exciting for kids. Not only do we understand why they suck, we talk to them about their habit in a way that no-one else has been able to before. When thumb and digit sucking has an enormous impact on children and families; the benefits of our program are immeasurable.